Sweet Summertime, a time to kick-back, relax and catch up on some well needed rest! Right? Not at Summer Day Camp! If you have ever heard the words, ‘I’m bored’ during the summer and wondered what to do to with a child who is spending too much time inside, our Summer Day Camp program may be your answer. We give kids a chance to move, run, swim, ride or spend some well needed free time to just play. Summer Camp is Great!

Our After-School Club program is here to provide children, especially those who don’t have access to other activities, with fun, engaging experiences that will help them develop social and professional skills as well as continuing to learn academically between the time school closes and parents return from work.

"Children in quality afterschool programs are more likely to come to school and stay in school, more likely to hand in their work and get better grades".
Washington Post, December 2011

Interested in our Summer Camp and After School Club programs?